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07/20/2024 03:14:55Public Room 1[Ray]HELLO I AM HERE NOW BE RIGHT BACK.
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07/19/2024 02:12:41Public Room 1[Ray]I DO NOT SEE WHAT I AM TYPING.
07/19/2024 02:11:52Public Room 1[Ray]I AM HERE LYN
07/19/2024 02:11:08Public Room 1[Ray]I AM HERE
07/18/2024 02:27:02Public Room 1[Ray]Are you still here?
07/18/2024 02:23:20Public Room 1[Ray]I am working on it I hope you are alright
07/18/2024 02:19:56Public Room 1[LynP]Am here.
07/18/2024 02:19:44Public Room 1[Ray]OK I am trying to get you in exe
07/18/2024 02:18:17Public Room 1[LynP]Am here
07/18/2024 02:16:51Public Room 1[LynP]Hello everyone
07/18/2024 02:08:45Public Room 1[LynP]Oh yes am here

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